Alex Preda – Sun Player

For the 217th release on LuPS Alex Preda returns with a rather chruncy Original. The tracks starts with a looped tweaked male vocalsnippet combined with a crispy percussionloop and a smooth pad in the background. This is causing a tensed atmopshere. As the track move fowards Alex introduces a great nice juicy build which leads to a euphoric madness during the breakdown. Because of the great intro this track could easily be used as a setstarter to create a perfect atmopshere right from the start.

The first remix comes from labelboss Jacco@Work. He kept the main elements and arrangement of the original intact but created a complete new beatstructure based upon a high pitched hiphop breakbeatloop. This is giving his remix a unique twist and structure. Together with the great synthlines, a deep bassline and the pads of the original this remix is something different.

The second remix comes from Sebastian Schetter. He turned the samplepack upside down a selected a couple of the best original elements to build a grooving and swinging Deep House remix. Together with a couple of additional sounds this remix is just oozing and captures a truly relaxing deep foggy atmopshere. Another great setstarter.

The last remix comes from hard working producer Yuriy From Russia. Despite his high output Yuriy is able to deliver quality tracks. His remix of Sun Player is simply amazing. He created a complete new eerie and spacey melodyline which really enhances the track. This morphed trumpet sound is sogoosebumping and really emotional that it instantly grabs you. One of Yuriy best remixes this year.

Release date: July 9th, 2014