Alex Preda – Orient clock EP

Next release on the laberl brings a 2 track Progressive Tech House EP from Alex Preda. Originally from Romania but now living in Amsterdam The Netherlands Alex brings two more dark raw industrial sounding tracks. Orient Clock contains a steady drive with a druggy atmosphere. In the background you hear the mechanism of a clock. Together with raw dirty and gritty syntstab and buzzing white noises this track surely messes up your interal system for reality. Orient Clock is one of those very late night hour tracks.

The other Original track is called Mother Of Tan. This track contains a strange vocodered male vocal snippet placed upon a steady pumping kind of discoloop with a simple bassline. Alex combined this steamy groove with a few weird synthstabs, trumpet samples and topped it all of with slamming percussion lines. Not an average track but one that will suit in an late night hour set.

Release date: February 12th, 2014