Alessandro – Utopia EP

LuPS it’s 167 release brings Alexander Tachev a.k.a Alessandro to the frontline.  Alessandro was born in Pleven, Bulgaria. He has been interested in music ever since he was a young boy and at the age of fifteen he started showing a passionate interests in electronic music. The result is that he delivers a very strong 2 track EP. Both tracks are pure Prog Tech at it’s best.

The title track Utopia kicks off with an arped synthstab and clever programmed crispy percussion. Then a white noise sweep introduces the next level of the track and stuttering bumping arped bellsound takes over the lead. Together with a devastating bassline this all leads to a hypnotic, haunting and spooky piece of raw flavoured Prog tech house with balls which shows you each corner of the dancefloor. This is a peaktime hour bomb.

The other Original track is called Breathe In. Well you better should take in some air before dropping this tune, as it makes you gasp for a breath for sure. This is another peaktime hour bomb track which contains a monsterous bassline and haunting synthstabs with raging hooklines. 

Release date: April 3rd, 2013