Alessandro – Aurora

For the 173rd release on LuPS Alessandro returns with a dark and spooky very energetic track called Aurora. The Original version contains a haunting atmosphere with a growling bassline, driving percussion, big synthriffs and some ethnic horn sounds. On top of that all Alessandro placed bubbling arps, breathing female voices and crispy clear fx’s and breakbeat drumpatterns. Bringing this all together it leads to a track that serves you with a one way ticket into space. Once you in you wll not get out.

The first remix comes from Allesandro’s fellow countrymate DJ Borra. He is no stranger in the Bulgarian dancescene and with regular performances he knows what a dancefloor wants to hear. His remix is a peaktime hour driving tune with a more friendly vibe and feel. The breakdown is just hands in the air because it contains an epic build up of which you already now where it leads to. A true bomb.

The last remix comes from Reelaux. His Eastern Sunrise just contains a more Tech House feel and sneaks under your skin right into the brainsection as the arplines and druggy bassline are causing a hypnotic effect and weightless sensation. Right when you are used to this feeling Reelaux introduces a magic flute melody on top of a breakbeat structered rhythmsection. This really takes you into exstacy. This remix is a magic carpet ride pur sang.

Release date: July 3rd, 2013