Ajmal – It’s Just The Beginning EP

The 226th release on LuPS brings Ajmal Khan. He delivers a two track EP with two great tracks. The first track is called It’s Just The Beginning. This track is very usefull as setopener as it captures a laidback moody but yet groovy atmosphere with a hypnotizing edge. It sounds like a dazzling magical carpet ride towards the moon and stars whilst surrounded by all sorts of bleepy sounds and twinkles.

The remix of It’s Just The Beginning comes from Mitaric. After his great debut on LuPS with his single Neith he now returns with a more then gorgeous rmeix. From the first note till the last this remix grabs you and doesn’t let you go. Why? Well simply as it is so emotional and touchy that this track instantly is causing goosebumps on your skin and shivers down your spine. Every note and sound has been very well placed. It really tells a story. Top notch remix from Mitaric.

The second original track on this EP is called The End. Ajmal shows with this track that he is also able to create cutting edge grooves. The bassline in this track is amazing as effective and in combination with the clever very well programmed percussionlines this track just simply rocks. On top of this majestic groove Ajmal placed a couple of spooky sounds and enchanting pads.

The remix from The End comes from Argentinian producer Sebastian Schetter. He turned the original version into a more dreamy floating version by adding new pads and melodylines. Together with a new simple but effective bassline and rolling percussion this remix is perfect for a late after party or on the way back home because of it’s trippy soothing hypnotic atmosphere.

Release date: June 25th, 2014