Aggressor – Timeshifting

Release 048 comes from Aggressor. The Original of Timeshifting is a true type Aggressor track. Driving beats, a massive baseline, crispy percussion , weird fxés and some fine melodies makes the Original version a stand out track. This is floating, dreamy Prog Tech House to the max.

Alongside the Original you will find 4 superb remixes done by Wav-E, Fernando Ferreyra, Gosh & Kanov and Leach. Each remix carries it’s own trademarks and are a must to check out.

The remix of Fernando Ferreyra dives into the deep and is somehow close to the Original but with the typical South American touch.

The remix of  Wav-E contains some very fine percussion and breathtaking additional synthlines and a solid baseline which pushes the track forwards.

The remix of Gosh & Kanov is one hot and steamy piece of pumping Prog Tech House. A massive baseline is the backbone of this remix and on top you will find some snippets of the Original track. The break is just killing and when evrything kicks back in the this remix really takes off.

The last remix comes from Belgian prodigy Leach. His re-interpretation of Timeshifting is simply remarkable. This remix is just bouncing up and down and contains some chugging elements that causes a hypnotic effect. A sure shot for those late night after hours in the club.