Aggressor – Shame On You EP

Yes it is time for another Aggressor release on LuPS! This time an EP with two very strong Originals which are capturing that magic Aggressor style.

Shame On You is just one hell of a ride. Crispy beats all over the place. Driving percussion, eerie synthlines and a handfull of catchy syntstabs and fx’s is all you need to drive a dancefloor crazy. The energy of this track is simply amazing.

The first remix of Shame On You comes from UK producer Kris Brown. He also managed to create a steady pounding groove with a growling bassline. Halfway the track during the breakdown a more then goosebumping guitar riff is hitting the van and then everything turn really off. A sure shot for those peaktime hours.

The second remix comes from recently discovered talent Hector Sawiak. What he has done with his remix is simply out of this world. His remix kicks off with a huge groove that is so tight and catchy that it simply grabs your attention and doesn’t let it go for at least 8 minutes. On top of this majestic groove, Hector laid down a couple of very emotional syntlines and soundfx’s, which are soulpiercing and tearjerking. Without a doubt this remix of Shame Of you is one of LuPS best releases to date and it is hard to believe that Hector only has had 5 releases so far.

The other Original track by Aggressor is called Outnumbered. Once again this is a true type Aggressor track. Haunting synthlines and trancy arpreggios are combined with hyperactive percussion and a dirty bassline. This track rocks off your wallpaper for sure.

The first 2 remixes are done Satiny. A new rookie from Russia. His remix is more old-school bassed with short synthstabs and clubby groove.

The second remix comes from Faze Out aka Phasebase. Hailing from Tallinn Estonia he comes up with a rather catchy yet slighty commercial remix. A big pounding kickdrum shows the way. Together with some well programmed white noise lines and a classic hands in the air you simply can’t go wrong with this peaktime hour track. Tested and approved.