Aggressor – Flashbacks EP

Once again Aggressor returns to LuPS for a two track EP. Both Original versions are straight aces. Flashbacks contains smooth rolling analog drums and a firm baseline. On top you find distinctive acidic arpreggio’s and squirling synthlines which makes Flashback a peaktime stomper.

The Original of Rollercoaster is nothing less then a majestic fantasy ride. Fast rolling beats, driving percussion, nervous synthlines and many bleeps and beeps are the ingredients for a peaktime hour spaced out track.

The 1st remix of Rollercoaster done by Wav-E is mindless pleasure. Firm beats and a steady baseline are the perfect backbone for a fast ride.  All along this ride Wav-E introduces a massive breakbeatsection which slidely rolls into a wicked breakdown awith live rollercoasterscreaming. Also this version is a peaktime monster.

The 2nd remix has been done by Simon Firth. Thss guy is getting better and better and his remix of Rollercoaster is one of his best remixes to date. This remix just goes on and on and has been drowned into pure silk. If you like the true good old progressive sound then this remix should be your definite pick. Deep, hypnotic and warm.