Aber – Galatea EP

LuPS it’s 64th release sees the return of Aber with a two track EP. Both his Originals are solid more Tech House orientated productions.

The Original of Galatea is a steady pumping track with a demanding bassline and some techy synthstabs and crispy percussion and bubbling arps. This is a perfect warming up setbuilder.

The remix of Galatea has been done by upcoming Dutch production duo Analag Effect. Their remix is slick, dark, smooth and creamy. A typical Analog Effect groove leads and shows you the way. On top of this rocksolid groove a very well reverbed and spaced out synthstab has  been placed. Together with all the catchy fx’s and very well programmed percussion this remix is ready to warm up your audience it the right way.

The other Original is called Shadow Caster. Again Aber shows his talent to produce a solid warming up tune. Once again a steady pumping groove and a demanding pitchshifting bassline ar doing the job here. On top a moody arped synthline is the guiding light towards the break where some nice fx’s has been added. By far this is a production to truly get lost in and one of those ideal set closing tracks.

The remix has been done by Brazilian talent Tropical Highligth. His remix is a more moody and latin re-interpretation that somehow reminds on the early days of dance music when Hazme Sonar – Sueno Latino was hot and steamy. A sure shot for those late night afterhours.