Julian Dep – Space Travel EP

LuPSRec 213 brings an EP from Julian Dep aka Julian Diskenstein. Hailing from Argentina Julian brings us a old school Prog House based two track EP. First track on the sampler is the titletrack Space Travel. The track takes of with a solid kickdrum and a cool arped sound like the one in the Age Of Love. As the track develops Julian adds a classic Prog bassline and a handfull crispy percussion elements. On top he placed a deep dark pad and a few great melodylines. Together this leads to a spacey atmopsheric magical track which takes you back in time.

The remix of Space Travel coems from Yuriy From Russia. This guy doesn’t need no introduction. Once again his remix is a stand out track. Yuriy created a new bassline and added a few new percussionlines. He also added a slightly more air and space in his remix which gives the track a trancey feel and atmopshere. Again a top notch production.

The other Original on this EP is called Holograms Faded. This track is a deep atmospheric tune with a superb drive and a gorgeous sparkling atmosphere. All sorts of pads, arps, melodies are flying by and a are matching perfectly with one another. The whole blend of sounds is just amazing and puts you into a higher state. Rocksolid tune.

The remix comes from T-Dallas. He returns to LuPS for the remix of Holograms Faded. His remix is quite fragile but yet straight in your face. A big deep basslinestab and easy flowing percussion are creating a relaxed atmopshere whilst the foggy spacey pads and fx’s are doing the rest of the work. This remix has been made to touch your being and to make you realise how tiny a man can be.

Release date: March 19th, 2014