Nemphirex – New Land

The 201st release on LuPS Records brings is a more melodic Prog Trance track with a growling dark bassline and soothing melodylines and atmospheric pads. In the breakdown a fragile piano takes over which gives the track a lovely feel. When the track returns after the break it developed itself into a swirrling melodic track.

The first remix comes from Da Luka. After his very well received debut Sweet Home EP he now returns to the label with a stripped down deep melodic Prog House remix. His remix contains a steady demanding danceable groove with on top a few of the main elements from the original track. Furthermore Da Luka added a couple of new elements and fx’s and combined these with a lot of delay and reverb to make it spacious. A great warming up tune.

The last remix coems from Spanish / Dutch producer Dr. Avalance aka Simon Gomez. He is on fire lately and he returns to LuPS with a chugging remix of New Land. It contains a warm bold bassline and a steady rolling groove filled up with filtered arploops and a tweaked piano. This remix is a perfect almost peaktime hour setbuilder.

Release date: March 5th, 2014