Fake Data – House Muzik

For the 185th release on the label Paul Mack aka fake Data signed up with a rather crunchy track which takes you back in time. The Original is a solid setopener which instantly creates a great vibe on the dancefloor. Crispy percussionlines, a solid bassline and a few catchy syntlines are creating a moody, mellow atmosphere which takes you back to the early days of House.The first remix is called Paul’s Datashark Remix and is a reworked version by Paul himself. A steady pumping classic House groove sets the pace for a more peaktime hour tune. Chuncky beats, eerie pads and a new additional morphed saxophone melodyline are creating a hypnotic atmosphere.

The second remix comes from Man0uvers Music and is more Tech House orientated. Also this version contains a pumping groove with a demanding bassline. On top of this groove Man0uvers Music placed the pianostabs which he filtered in a great way.

To round up this release Stuart King shows up with a devastating remix. His debut on the label is one to frame. A huge kickdrum, clever very well programmed percussion and an amazingly compressed and pump up bassline are giving this remix a dark spooky vibe. It surely rocks of your wallpaper and together with all the tweaked fx’s, vocalsnippets and an additional painosection, there is no way to escape from this monster peaktime hour tune.

Release date: September 25th, 2013