Ilya Deep & Jacco@Work – 2 Months

Russian producer Ilya Deep and labelboss Jacco@Work teamed up again for the 164th release on LuPS Records. Once again the duo delivers a dreamy,  atmospheric tune with lots of depth and emotion. Also this time it is clear that Ilya deliverd the magical ambient sounds and that Jacco took care of the beats and bassline and some other additional production work. Together this all leads to an unique breathing lushy angelic atmosphere which eases up a stressfull and restless day

.The first remix comes from Julian Rodrigues. His debut on the label with this remix is a solid one. Julian managed to create a lushy vibe with a great drive and a mellow atmosphere combined with the right good old progressive touch and feel. This remix just goes deep.The second remix comes from Fiddler. Fiddler kept his remix close to the original but he added a slightly different deeper bassline and some new melodylines to give the track an even more angelic and ambient touch.

The last remix comes from Steve McGrath. Also Steve debuts on the label and his remix is just simply amazing. The track kicks of with a very crispy danceable groove. As the rhythm continous Steve adds a few syntstabs and well filtered whitenoise synthlines. Also he introduces a handfull of new tiny melodylines which are matching very well with the original elements. This all leads to a perfect setopener which creates a sweet lovely atmosphere. Quality remix.

Release date: September 18th, 2013