Mr.Raf & Hezi Rachmani vs Jacco@Work – With

The 182 th release on LuPS brings a versus track between Israelian producers Rafael Osmo & Hezi Rachmani and labelowner Jacco@Work. Both artists are no strangers to the label and this release showcases best of both worlds. The so called Original version contains a slamming groove with cool synthstabs and organriffs. All bind together with crispy percussion and dreamy pads. This track is just a great warming up tune.

The Rework version from labelboss Jacco@Work just goes deeper and contains some fresh new additional elements. His rework kicks off with crispy percussionlines and a steady groove filled up with the original but tweaked synth and organsstabs and a well compressed warm bassline. As the track moves further Jacco introduces a few new arplines and spacey pads and a slappy funky bassline combined with a female vocalsnippet. These new elements are really enhancing the whole spirit of the track and turns it into a chilling deep diving groovy danceable tune for those steamy warm late night hours.

Releasedate: September 11th, 2013