Tim Robert – Magnatraction

For release 176 Tim Robert returns to LuPS with a storming original filled up with some pure Acidlines and some raw Tech House elements. The track kicks off with a blunted pumping groove combined with an eerie analog spacious pad and a dark bumping bassline. As the track moves on Tim introduces the mindburning acidlines which gives the whole track a raw ruthless flavour. For sure this track is one of Tim roughest productions to date.

The first remix comes from Dzim. Hailing from Lithuania, Dzim delivers a great remix with a more old school Faithless prog house feel. A steady deep pumping groove pushes the track forward. As the track develops Dzim introduces a couple of spaced out synthlines and deep atomspheric pads and sounds. This is just a trippy voyage into time and space.

The last remix comes from fast rising and hard working duo Silicon Syndicate. Their rework of Magnatraction is just one word inevitable. Without a doubt this remix will rock many dancefloors and festivals around the globe. A big pounding hypnotic groove sets the pace for a majestic rollercoasteride which brings you beyond the boundaries of your imagination. Perfectly filtered and tweaked acidlines are injected into your musical brain which makes it simply to forget everything you’ve seen and heard in your near surrounding. For sure this remix will put all your senses into a trancy and exstacy state of mind. A pefect dancefloor bomb!!!