Manufactura Deep – Triangle

It is time for the second release of Manufactura Deep aka Denis Pchelovodov. He returns with another more Tech House orientated prog track with kicks of with with an organstab and a triangle hit combined with a deep spaced out creepy pad. After a while Denis drops in a looped echoed synthstab which slight turns into a melody as the track develops. All along as the track moves on Denis introduces many other cool elements which are creating a haunting, spooky and druggy atmosphere. Rocksolid Original.

The only remix comes from Vlada D’Shake. He turned the Original into a deep and chugging moody prog house track with a more friendly mellow atmosphere and a laidback feel. A perfect warming up tune for those warm midnight hours on the beach waiting for the sun to go down. Top remix again from Vladimir Radisic.

Release date: August 28th, 2013