Analog Effect – Ich Bin Ein Berliner

For release 171 on LuPS Records the Dutch duo Analog Effect returns to the label. Their track, called Ich Bin Ein Berliner, kicks of with a steady beatstructure combined with a tweaked and filtered brainpiercing sawline. If the tracks develops the duo introduces a funky bassline and some more crispy percussionlines.  Furthermore they filled up the track with groovy and chuncky organriffs, eerie and spooky sounding leadlines. All together this leads to a chugging, steamy and pumping track which reminds somehow on Jaydee – Plastic Dreams. Welldone.

The only remix of Ich Bin Ein Berliner comes from Canadian fast rising talent Steve Ness. His remix is simply amazing and out of this world. An oldschool downtempo groove with a rather deep subbassline is the foundation for an outerspace journey. On top of this majestic groove Steve placed all sorts of cool synthriff snippets, reverbed pianostabs and breathing spooky pads to create a swirling deep foggy atmosphere. This remix wraps itself around your body and sucks you into space.

Release date: August 21st, 2013