Peres – Intron EP

It is time for a new release of Peres. Peres joined the label in an early stage and keeps on contributing cool and interesting original work. This new EP called Intron contains 2 tracks with a more laidback Deep House feel.The title track Intron is bassed upon an old school arpreggioloop and contains a more downtempo groove with a crispy percussion and a simple but effective bassline. On top of this danceable groove Peres placed a variety  of synthstab and a soaring moody pad which creates a hypnotic atmosphere. All together Intron is a great setopener.

The other track on this EP is called Third Wave and showcases the more melodic Deep House side of Peres. A couple of mellow moody sounding Deep House synthstabs are doing the job here. Together with a cool male vocalhook, a female vocalsnippet and some driving percussion Peres is creating a feel good and solid grrove. As the track develops Peres even put more soul and emotion to this track with a couple of heavenly sounding pads, tiny melodylines and funky guitarriff. This track just builds and builds towards a point around the 9 minutes where it all over sudden takes off for the last 3 minutes.

Release date: August 7th, 2013