LuPS Records presents Spread It Till I Die Sampler 005

It is time for the yearly Sampler on LuPS Records. This year the Sampler features a collection of only remixes from earlier releases on the label with one exception and that is the Magnetic Flower remix of Novalex – Aerosoul done by Stanisha which is a preview of the forthcoming release of this track later on this year which will contain another remix of Stanisha as well.The Sampler kicks off with a majestic remix of Napalm – Daylight done by T-Dallas. This remix is a tiny little gem which takes you on a mindless and fearless journey through time and space. It oozes and it is soothing up a restless mind. This is such a track that sneaks into your mind and does all the necessary reset work to get yourself back in a relaxed state of mind.

The second track on the Sampler comes from Audiostorm. His Re-Work of Ilya Deep & Jacco@Work – My Little Girl came is simply amazing. Audiostorm managed to create a great build up in his reworked version. The track starts with the eerie soundscapes of the original version. All along the way Ognjen introduces new elements like crispy percussionlines and a perfect bassline which is grooving.

The third track on this Sampler is the remix of labelboss Jacco@Work. His remix of VERSA7ILE – Stratosphera is just a perfect clubtune. The remix starts with crispy percussionloops and a pounding kickdrum. As the track moves forwards towards the breakdown Jacco build up a mellow clubby atmosphere. Then when the breakdown shows up his additional acidiclines are popping up. Together with the original elements he created a fine uplifting blend of sounds which leads to a solid warming uptune with a great drive and feel.

The fourth track is the remix from Beat Maniacs – Hi Shelf done by The Kinetic Movement. His High Remix contains a less steady Tech House groove and slightly different arrangement compared to his earlier released Low Remix. Also here a laidback but yet steady percussion groove has been combined with a deep resonating slappy bassline to create a perfect setting for the few atmospheric pads and syntlines.

The last remix on this Sampler is as said a sneak preview of the forthcoming release of Novalex – Aerosoul. For this release Stanisha delivered two remixes of which the Magnetic Flower Remix will be released first. Once again Stanisha surprises us with an unsual approach. The track starts with a steady wiggling groovy percussion section filled up with congas and bongos and a deep buzzing bassline. Then after a while Stanisha introduces a fist full off chopped up elements of the original track combined with new additional synthriffs. Again Stanisha proves that he is one of the leading innovative prog house producers which doesn’t run out of creativity. Superb remix.

Release date: July 31st, 2013