Steve Ness – Twist Of Faith EP

From Montreal’s eclectic nightlife scene steps up DJ/Producer Steve Ness. True to himself, Ness has been creating grooves since the early 2000’s. In perpetual evolution, his sound is like none other. From dark tones, to mysterious, lingering melodies, to blood pumping baselines, his tracks connect to the basic human pulse of his audience. After several other release on labels like Quadrature and Pure Substance Steve signed up with LuPS for a 3 track EP called Twist Of Faith capturing the more Deep House side from Steve.
All 3 tracks do contain the more Classic House feel and are drowned into a chilling and soothing sauce without becoming to laidback. Steve managed to keep his 3 tracks interesting by giving them a dancefloor friendly groove. It is admirable how he managed to insert the good old Deep House sound from the early 90’s into his tracks. Without a doubt Steve is a producer to keep an eye on in the near future.

Release date: July 17th, 2013