Neel V – The Awakening

LuPSRec 133 brings back Neel V. Again Neel delivers a Prog Tech House track with ethnic influences. The Original kicks of with a smooth rolling groove and a moody pad. After a while more and more ingredients are being add by Neel, like heavenly bellsounds, short synthstabs, buzzing noises, a fragile pianoloop and some ethnic male voices. All together this is creating an atmospheric deep and breakable track.The frist remix comes from AMAN. Hailing from Singapore AMAN delivers a lovely but also fragile stripped down remix. With a clever use of the original samples AMAN re-arranged the original version and modelated it into a fresh crispy and more laidback version with a acidic touch.The second remix comes from AudioStorm. Ognjen Vukovic is on fire lately and he proves that he is stayer in today’s Prog House scene and a producer to keep an eye on. His Back To The Source Remix kicks of with the fragile pianoloop and the ambient pads from the Original. Then a big kickdrum drops in, followed by crispy percussion which pushes the track forwards towards a deep and gorgeous breakdown section. Somehow this remix reminds at Moby – Go. Perhaps this is why AudioStorm called it Back To The Source Remix.The last remix comes from Vlada D’Shake. His Inpluck Mix also kicks of with a beatless section which makes it interesting to use as a setstarter. The ambient atmosphere and eerie soundscapes, wobbly syntstabs combined with a great deep rolling bassline are creating a huge steamy Prog Hosue groove that simply can’t be restisted. This remix is goosebumping and breathtaking.

Release date: December 27th, 2012