Ozgur Ozkan – Only Desire

LuPS its 105th release sees the return of fast rising and versatile producer Ozgur Ozkan.  His contribute this time is called Only Desire and falls into the downtempo category and it’s turned out to be a moody and melacholic track . Filled with soothing female vocal snippets, trippy synthsstabs, eerie soundscapes and a pulsating bassline.

The first remix comes from Greger. Hailing from Greece, Greger makes his debut on LuPS and shows his skills with a more uptempo remix with a more open and friendly vibe then the original. A swirling appreaggio that goes up and down sets the vibe here. In the background the original can be heard. Greger delivered a clever piece of work.

Second remix comes from Dutch talent Sjoerd Korsuize. His remix is darker then the original and contains a growling deep bassline and some rather cool fx’s. A steady percussion line sets the mood for a Tech House groover.

The 3rd remix comes from Hector Sawiak. His club friendly dark progressive style is going down very well lately. This remix is no exception. A big pounding kickdrum and clever programmed percussion turns this remix into a rocksolid peaktime hour bomb. Together with love ambient soundscapes and a fragile one finger melodyline and a gorgeous breakdown this is a remix to look after.

The last remix comes from CJ Art. His Tribal Trip To Lublin Remix is a steamy, grinding and pumping master piece. A big tribal groove and a demanding bassline are pushing this remix forwards. There is no way to stop this remix once it has been thrown down. The great contrast with the eerie soundscapes, swirling pads and perfect pianowork makes this remix even more interesting. If you love Deep House combined with Tribal then this should be the one to look out for.

Releasedate: 8th of August 2012