Born in Pitesti, Romania, he showed early his interest in music, starting taking up piano and theory lessons at age of 10. His love for music was then for classics and also rock music bands from heavy metal to plain rock and alternative. He had a vinyl with Queen’s greatest hits, side A and B which he listened until it got worn out if that would be possible.

At the time, there were the 90’s and british-based MTV was broadcasting in Romania, so he could watch all the real shows that were at the time in London, including all the 80’s and 90’s great musicians, from which he drew a lot of inspiration.

He started collecting music that he liked that his cousin was recording for him on cassette tapes. After finishing music school, he suddenly got in touch with the personal computers and since he applied for computer science special class in highschool which he got in the 4th, his attention was directed from rock music to electronic music. That was made at that time on Atari and Amiga computers, in so called “trackers” which allowed you to create a 4 or 8 track music composition, respectively on 4 and 8 tracks.

The good thing about these music composer softwares was that they allowed you to see how other electronic music composers did their music and also you got full access to samples inside the tune, so he got the chance to see how “tracked” music it’s beeing done.

So his interest rose more and soon he got in contact with the local demoscene that was organising PC -parties, meaning contests in which people presented animated graphics and music, made for the PC scene, at that time.

He gets toghether with a group called Plastic Surgery (later named Transdimensional) and started creating music for 3d animated demos that were purely hard-coded in assembler and C++.

After a few years he gets in contact with people working in a music studio and starts learning tricks about producing and recording audio tracks and vocals. This allowed, in about 2 years, his transition from Atari-made-music to the underground and club music production, at that time. He went on and started to produce tracks that he was playing in local underground club in Bucharest called “Web Club” (which is now closed), where young artists were often showcasing their work. The place was an artist meetup where music pioneers in Bucharest used to go : DJ Vasile, FutureGroove, NSK, Suie Paparude, Marika, Fire in Water, just to name a few.

After 3 beautiful years spent in Bucharest he moves to the beautiful provence of British Columbia, Canada for a few years. Down there, he got in contact with several deejays in Vancouver.

There he first puts his hand on a vinyl records and real turntables. He spends a lot of time listening records in vinyl shops in downtown and started a few collaboration with a local producer. He also met a lot of the local drum’n’bass scene which is pretty big there, including deejays, producers and mostly music-minded people. After 3 years, he moves back to Romania in his hometown, starts going to local university and gets more serious about producing music.

In the month of October 2005, after one year since he got back, he gets set for 1 hour set at the TMBase festival which is a massive festival that’s being held in Romania each year at Timisoara where he played a mix made up of his own produced tracks. Later, in December, same year, he gets the attention of Pure Substance Records, starting up his international presence on Beatport with an EP along with well-known russian guys DP-6.

Further on, in spring 2006, he gets the attention of David, label founder of Fiberline Records with his progressive breaks remix for Kemek – Shibuya.

Following this remix, Xplore is working with a lot of artists in doing remix work such as Blake Jarrel (US), Narek (US), Jose Acosta (Co), Soak, Moonbeam (Ru), Bs as deep (Ar), Namatjira (NL), Arthur Deep (Ru), Gudowski (Ru), and Python (Ru).

In 2007 he released Blue Haze EP at the beginning of the year with Underground Lessons Digital / Greece, Andrew K’s own record label.

In 2008, he releases the much awaited Time Travel EP with Pure Substance Digital (containing Time Travel, also featured on Hernan Cattaneo’s Sequential 2 album, Near the energy core and Aquatic People). Following comes Atari 400 EP signed with Carica Deep (Greece).

He attends three radio shows, 2 supported by D-Phrag which invited him as a guest mix on Frisky Radio, which had been broadcasted to over 1159 listeners and the Ready Mix Records show on Pacifique Radio over in Montreal (11,000 listeners).

In 2008 he teams up with Tobias Hoppe (DE) and along with Kenny WEE (PureSubstance) they started “Wednesdays with Pure Substance” radio show on Pure.FM which basically showcases talents on Pure Substance Records & Digital but not only these, adding to the sound of the show fav tracks with progressive blood from deep down to progressive trance.

In 2009, he teams up with Seamless Recordings (UK) and plans a future release of a downtempo album which will be out probably around may-june 2010. Also he releases a few tech and dub and downtempo preparing the way for the, one might say, pretty original downtempo album, which will also showcase 2 very talented voices (US & NL) and 1 bonus track for a long time friend located in Canada.

In 2010 begun with the Drip remixes and will follow the back-to-back with dj and vocalist Ange (RU), for Kenshi EP, after which will follow Low Sun EP and in may-june, a very unique progressive sound, his 1st 10 track concept album.

Currently he has released under Seamless(UK), Renaissance(UK), Pure Substance (Malaysia), Lups Records (NL), Carica Deep (GR), Underground Lessons (GR), Vise Versa (GR) and Balkan Connection (Serbia) and works a lot in his new soundproofed studio.