Thodoris Evangelatos aka psychowsky, was born in Athens, Greece in 1975. Beeing the son of composer & conductor Constantine Evangelatos, psychowsky started evolving musicaly since… birth actualy!

At the age of 11 he gets his hands on a brand-new (at that time) Yamaha CX5MII/128 MSX computer with FM Synthesis and Sequencing Capabilities and starts to discover the beautiful world of MIDI, unaware of the limitless possibilities he was about to discover.

In 1990 he gets seduced by the sound of Techno, House and New Beat and he becomes a devoted lawfull in an instant! Alongside with expiriencing music, psychowsky starts to experiment with the new sound as a composer. And from back then till now, he is still experimenting!

Psychowsky has participated in 2 record productions for the Greek female artist Maria Louiza Vasilopoulou (mLV), while, other released works include the production of music themes for multimedia CDs, English books for children, etc.

He also has done the entire audio production (Music & SFX) for 3Dreams 1997-1998 short clip series Mr.No along with D.Niachas & C.Mariolis in C.G.! The Mr.No clips draw the attention and were broadcasted by Mega Channel. Moreover he has the credits for the soundtrack on one of the early Stathis Athanasiou short motion pictures, “Spiral”.

Psychowsky’s works through the years have been aired to the radio by many Greek well known DJs & producers, such as Gregory Staikos, D-Base, Mike Dee, George Sagnier etc…

His debut release “Anatoli E.P” was released on February 2010 from DeepSessions recordings, thus marking his comeback after a long time of absense from any musical activities…

Psychowsky’s day job is Web Design & Development ;-)