Matias Chilano

Matias was born in Río Cuarto, Córdoba, Argentina. After studying piano and drums since the age of 7, became interested in the music and electronics sounds. In 2005 he started producing his own Tracks since the production of electronic music became his priority. Matthia’s main objective was to start producing his own music, and later start to working as a DJ.

At present, their work as producer is distributed around the world at major electronic music digital stores through labels such as: LuPS Records (Netherlands) TripleOne Records (Ireland), PuprleCat Digital (Mexico), AlterImage Recordings (EE.UU), No Smoking Recordings (Turkey), DeepSessions Recordings (Greece), Mistique Digital (Georgia) at sites such as Beatport, DJ Download, Juno Download, trackitdown, beatsdigital, among others.

Since 2007, Matthias started playing at prestigious bars and clubs of his hometown like: Alvear, Roca Rosa, Ku, Vandenoche Extended Club, Apart from that, In these days, he is playing in numerous clubs around the country, private parties and many other events with several DJ’s recognized nationally, his mixes have been played on major internet radio stations as,,,, and Insomnia fm.

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