Aydan was born on 28 February 1989, in Pécs, a little town in southern Hungary. He has been interested in music and the world surrounding it, ever since my childhood. He first got seriously involved with music at the age of 13, when he started making music with the quite elementary Rebirth program. These preliminary trials have turned out to be quite satisfactory, so with the support of his father – who also grew up on electronic music – he set up his own studio.

A bit later he started playing music, first at home and then in a little club near Pécs, Club T-Boy, where he could practice and learn more about the profession with the help of the resident DJ, Deep Junior. This was the first opportunity to have more people know his name, AYDAN.

His first important appearance was a radio set at Justmusic.FM (www.justmusic.fm) with Dennis Clarke, in the Bonus Track show. Since this set his  mix CD-s are regularly played on the radio, and he also play live in the studio. After the radio set he also had an opportunity to play in Club Coronita on invitation from Andrewboy and Deep Junior. Since then he has been playing every Sunday morning in this club (www.clubcoronita.hu), and many different clubs throughout the Hungary.

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